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Braille Displays

The vertical display featuring 4 dots per screen line gives an extensive status of the complete computer screen. Within fractions of a second you can locate text on the screen, links on a web page, misspelled words, etc. A simple touch on the routing key integrated into this structural display moves the Braille display to the corresponding spot on the screen and you can start reading.


Ergonomics and Efficiency With the Easy Access Bar
Another highlight of BRAILLEX EL 2D-80 is the patented Easy Access Bar, a long key situated on the front side of the device, all along the Braille display.

Dual Routing
BRAILLEX EL 2D-80 is equipped with newly designed interactive Braille cells with integrated DualRouting keys. The second routing key can be assigned to control speech navigation, right mouse clicks, etc.

Compatible with All
Major Screen Readers

BRAILLEX EL 2D-80 works with all major screen reader programs, including Jaws for Windows (now with support for the vertical display!), Hal/Supernova, Protalk, Slimware Window Bridge, etc. Screen readers for OS/2 and Linux are also available, and obviously one for good old DOS.

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